The Mike Middleton Band

About Mike
Classically trained with a focus on bassoon, trumpet and composition, Mike Middleton has always had a taste for writing songs and producing music. Though writing has always been close to his heart, it’s making that music, finding that perfect combination of notes that drives him to create. He gave it a go playing Jam, Ska, Blues, Classic Rock and Orchestral before grabbing his guitar and going it alone for a year or so. Not long after he joined forces with Chase, accomplishing musically and emotively what he’d been looking to create all along. He’s also a huge hockey fan, and just a friendly warning: When he doesn’t have a pick in his hand, Mike can and will embarrass you at Scrabble.

About Chase
Self taught on multiple instruments, Chase spent the better part of a decade playing different gigs, and casting around for the right fit. Writing from the perspectives of guitar player, drummer and bassist as well as singer, he brings a varied perspective to the duo’s sound, and a production background that melds perfectly with Mike’s. In the Mike Middleton Band, Chase found a medium that allowed for growth as a musician and performer, while lyrically capturing the experiences that make him who he is. In case he’s starting to sound a bit serious, know that Chase is a standout beer-league softball player and has won a bet or two eating 7 Saltines in 60 seconds. No beverage. True story.

Session Tracklisting
1. Tight Rope
2. Streets of Neon
3. Separate Ways
4. Written Visions
5. Blur
6. Wrapped

Chicago, IL

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.