The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze are a funky, soulful jam band who met and formed in Bloomington, Indiana at IU. They were discovered by Randy Jackson in late 2013 and with his help have honed their approach to genuinely playful funk. Ben “Smiley” Silverstein and Max Newman have known each other since elementary school, bonding over classical training in piano and cello, respectively. The instrumental duo gave up their traditional instrumentation for keys and guitar, forming the Main Squeeze after meeting Corey Frye in college.

The band is a throwback to times when the heart of a performance mattered; they write pop songs constructed to feel the strain in Frye’s voice, the physicality of Newman’s guitar, and the driving punch of Reuben Gingrich’s kick drum. The Main Squeeze lets the joy of their funky tunes breathe rather than compress them down to flat radio dynamic. They’re a potent live band that will be laying down insatiable grooves this year at North Coast, High Sierra Music Fest, and venues across the United States. Look for a new record this fall and be prepared to “get freshly squozen” once again.

Session Tracklist
1. All In
2. Two Steps
3. Where Do We Go
4. Message to the Lonely
5. In a Funk

Chicago, Illinois

Band Members
Corey Frye- Vocals
Max Newman- Guitar
Ben “Smiley” Silverstein- Keyboards
Reuben Gingrich- Drums
Jeremiah Hunt- Bass

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.