Tattoo Money

Tattoo Money is the alter ego of punk and hip-hop songwriter Pete Armour. His official bio reads, “These songs aren’t about the break-up or the recovery, They’re about the discovery. Learning how to survive, learning how to hunt – only to end up falling in love with the thrill of the chase. Consider each Tattoo Money song a sonic journal entry detailing lead singer Pete Armour coming to grips with struggles, failures, successes and breakthrough’s in matters of heart, love and lust. Tattoo Money music is about trying to find love in New York City when half of you and half of the people don’t believe in true love anymore.”

Session Tracklist
1. Wolf Tickets
2. Mexican Coke
3. Vespa
4. Hold My Liquor (by Kanye West)
5. Grinding 24-7

Band Members

Pete Armour – Vocals and Guitar

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