Sol Cat

Have you ever had moments while listening to music where the sound carries your imagination off to another place, someplace exotic and adventurous, a place you can only visit in your mind? Has a band ever sounded so unique, so genuinely creative that they made you feel as if you had entered a foreign land? At least this is how many feel the first time they see Sol Cat.

With such distinctive grooves and melodies, Sol Cat has the power to get you off your feet and make you dance until you can dance no more. From their soulful, funky guitar riffs, thumping bass lines, and steady dance beats, Sol Cat incorporates elements of tribal Afro-beat rhythm and early 60’s psychedelic sounds into their refreshingly new form dance-rock.

Forming a great band never happens overnight. It takes time to develop the right group dynamic, the right sound. This is never truer than for Sol Cat. In 2008, guitarist Johny Fisher moved from College Station, Texas to Nashville and two years later began forming the group. Three or four line-up changes later, the band was solidified with Brett Hamman on vocals, Johny Fisher and Nick Endress on guitar, Jaan Cohan on bass, and Ryan Usher on drums. In the past six months the group has teamed up with Chris Wright and Carl Gatti of Happy Salmon Productions, recorded their first EP at Warner Studios, and played with local and touring acts at venues in Nashville like the Mercy Lounge, 12th and Porter, and the Basement. Off to a very good start, Sol Cat continues to rise to the top as they captivate their audiences and put out quality products.   -Indie Band Hub

Session Tracklist
1. Earth Queen
2. Sea Of Light
3. Disco Forest
4. Harmony Safari
5. Pedro
6. Dirty Glasses

Nashville, TN

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