Small Houses

Jeremy Quentin is the man behind US based project “Small Houses”. His characteristically poetic lyricism and soft vocals are set to the tune of simple fingerstyle guitar. Quentin’s voice is gravelly and worn; it tells the story of insight beyond his years. He’s in a state of constant movement. Traversing from city to city bringing his belongings in the back of a car is the perfect incubator for dense storytelling.

Jeremy tours mostly alone, but his new record “Still Talk: Second City” honors the connections he’s made in the lone expeditions. It features over 10 additional players to bolster his autobiographical songwriting. Quentin was born and raised in Flint, MI but has called many cities across the nation his intermittent home.

Session Tracklist
1. Revel
2. The Last Night of Summer
3. Staggers and Rise
4. South, Southern
5. Old Habits
6. Oh, Hiding Out (Download Exclusive)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Band Members
Jeremy Quentin – Guitar and Vocals

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