Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge is an experimental indie rock band from New York. Andrew Marr and John Baringa Jr. duel with prickly guitar lines and swaggering chord progressions. Quick, melodic bass lines and the constant presence of droning keyboard pads contribute to the band’s swathing sound.

Andrew Marr is the brains behind debut project, Big Heart. Writing music, lyrics, and playing every instrument; Marr had a hand in each sound on the record. The dripping, delicate product is a perfect musical accompaniment to their name: a solitary refuge for when it’s harsh and chilly in the outside world. The content is dark, but Ski Lodge presents it with a touch of sympathetic irony.

Session Tracklisting
1. Down On This Southern Tip
2. Big Heart
3. Anything To Hurt You
4. Boy
5. Just To Be Like You
6. Our Love Is Over Now

New York, NY

Band Members
Andrew Marr – Guitar and Vocals
John Baringa Jr. – Guitar
Spencer Zahn – Bass
Jason Weiss – Keys and Synth
Jake Beal – Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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