Through the Roots

Through the Roots is definitely on the rise sharing the group’s easy-listening music with Cali-Reggae vibes and positive messages. The band’s uplifting music includes a tantalizing blend of reggae, rock, and pop mixed with a vast array of ear pleasing guitar, drums and keyboard/synth play to mesh with the band’s catchy vocals, creating its unique sounds. TTR excels in live performances, allowing its young and older fans to truly experience the total musical package as the pumping crowd is wrapped into a high-energy, free-flowing show that leaves fans with a positive reaction.

In the past five years, Through the Roots has toured or played with high-profile groups Rebelution, Iration, Tribal Seeds, The Green, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Passafire, Pepper, The Expendables, Natural Vibrations and Alborosie in various shows around the nation, as well as a show in one of Canada’s top festivals.

Through the Roots came together as a band in 2008 and blended its unique sounds of reggae and rock music. TTR quickly captured music fans’ attention all over the West Coast and soon was touring across the U.S. with many of the top performers in its genre.

Through the Roots is comprised of Evan Hawkins (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Chris Cruz (Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals), Brady O’Rear (Keys), Taylor Boatwright (Drums, Vocals) and impressive newcomer Ross Garcia (Bass). They plan to continue touring through 2013 and expand TTR’s budding tour schedule in 2014 while sharing their inspiring music.

Session Tracklist
1. Take You There
2. Dancing in the Rain
3. Higher
4. Slow Down
5. Here to Stay

San Diego, CA

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