River City Extension

River City Extension is a lyrical indie rock band formed and led by Joe Michelini. Their upbeat american sound juxtaposes Michelini’s introspective and often personal storytelling. RCE has gone through multiple lineup changes, beginning as an acoustic combo and growing as large as 8 members. As the lineup evolves, so does the band’s varying sound.

In 2011 they became the first band to perform at the Newport Folk Festival and Warped Tour in the same year. Toeing the line between punchy folk and indie rock, RCE has toured with bands ranging from The Get Up Kids to the Avett Brothers to Augustana. River City Extension will release their third record, Deliverance, in March of 2015; watch them perform tracks from the upcoming album.

Session Tracklist
1. Something's Gotta Give
2. Something Salty, Something Sweet
3. Holy Cross
4. Indian Summer
5. Hungry Heart (by Bruce Springsteen)

Band Members
Joe Michelini – Guitar and Vocals
John Muccino – Guitar and Vocals
Patrick O’Brien – Piano
Steve Tambone – Drums and Vocals
Josh Gilman – Bass
Meghan Yost – Viola

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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