“Influenced in equal parts by punk groups like Screeching Weasel and jazz greats like Charlie Mingus, ProbCause gravitated toward hip-hop as a teenager by hanging around North Side studio run by his older brother, a DJ and audio engineer. Prob uses his painting and animation MFA to cross genres and sensory experiences — an appropriate track for a rapper whose breakout song is titled LSD. In 2014, after years of building local recognition and developing a more nuanced lyrical perspective, ProbCause released WAVES, a rich, genre-spanning offering that stands as his most accomplished project to date. It’s at times spacey and experimental, and in other places straight urban hip hop. Since the release, his evolving career has taken off, and he’s found himself touring nonstop, playing festivals while still finding time to incorporate his art into every aspect of the dynamic ProbCause.” – official bio

Session Tracklist
1. Neon Dreams
2. Biting Down
3. Pale Moonlight
4. Chicago Style
5. LSD
6. Sleepy Hollow (Download Exclusive)

Chicago, Illinois

Band Members
Prob – Vocals
Rachel – Additional Vocals
Charlie – Keys
Ben – Drums
Kat – Violin

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