Pomegranates formed in 2006 with Joey Cook, Isaac Karns, Ostry Okerson and Jacob Merritt. The band released their first recording, Two Eyes EP, in June 2007. In 2007, Josh Kufeldt joined the band they shortly released their first studio album, Everything is Alive that same year. Many songs from this album remain staples in the current set lists like “In the Kitchen”, “Thunder Meadow”, and “Appreciations”. They went on tour with Javelins, Headlights, and Islands in support of their debut album. In 2009, Everybody Come Outside was released and achieved significant praise from critics and fans alike. In August 2011, the band released a double EP vinyl called In Your Face, Thieves/Chestnut Attic. The LP is composed of two individual EPs.

Session Tracklist
1. Softness
2. Create (Desmond)
3. Pass Away
4. Skull
5. Lost Lives
6. 50's

Cincinatti, OH

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