Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a shoegaze pop band who write dreamy songs about love and loss.

They “find themselves at the intersection of several burgeoning movements in post-hardcore. Based out of Memphis, Tennessee, the band is part of a groundswell of punk and emo bands in the upper South, which include groups as diverse and compelling as the intense, literary Sinai Vessel, the dreamy It Looks Sad, the expansive, astral Comrades and the spiky, revivalist Museum Mouth. At the same time, Pillow Talk’s particular aesthetic – a brand of emo soaked through with hazy atmospherics, New Wave moods, and lush, time-worn soundscapes – is becoming increasingly au courant; one need only look to the aforementioned It Looks Sad, or Kite Party, or Lilac Daze, or even the more washed-out passages of Balance and Composure’s 2013 breakthrough The Things We Think We’re Missing to see this gauzy aesthetic rolling in like low-lying fog.” – Half Cloth

Watch them perform tracks from the new EP, “What We Should Have Said.”

Session Tracklist
1. Make You Real
2. Tiny Feet
3. Heaven Sent
4. Room
5. Escape Me

Memphis, Tennessee

Band Members
Joshua Cannon – Vocals
Calvin Lauber – Guitar
Kevin Gibson – Guitar
Hunter Davidson – Bass
Sam Leathers – Drums

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