Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison is the indietronica project of remix artist Chris Glover. He was born and raised in New York’s upper East side to a family who strongly valued music as an educational and experiential tool. Glover was enrolled at the Professional Performing Arts Junior High School and attended prestigious Bard College afterwards. Though performing in multiple bands since the age of 14, Glover got first noticed for his immaculate remixes around 2008.

Glover’s debut record under the name Penguin Prison was the “Animal Animal/A Funny Thing” EP released in 2009. He has since released a self titled along with multiple remixes for popular songs by artists like Ellie Goulding and Imagine Dragons. Glover hit his stride as Penguin Prison with 2015’s “Lost in New York” which was recorded with a full band. The record’s simple song structures and repetitive vocal lines are more familiar to electronic music than rock, but blossomed naturally from his relationships within New York’s House/Disco scene. “Lost in New York” is a cohesive record whose upbeat, optimistic pace is unwavering throughout all 11 tracks. Watch Glover and his band perform tracks from the album on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Calling Out
2. Try to Lose
3. Caught in a Daze
4. Never Gets Old
5. Show Me the Way

New York, New York

Band Members
Ernesto Karolys – Drums
Ben Grubin – Guitar, Percussion and Vocals
Chris Glover – Vocals and Guitar
Andrew Pertes – Bass
David Gross – Keyboards

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