Old Man Canyon

Old Man Canyon is a Canadian indie rock band. The four-piece evolved over a few years from Jett Pace’s solo project into the ethereal sound they produce today. The band focuses on maintaining a specific haunting, seering sound to communicate their swooning lyrics.

“Phantoms and Friends” EP speaks on dreams, doubt and regret in simple but well-structured phrasing. Their authentic approach to musical creation puts poignant thoughts above contemporaries. The willingness to break folk rules contributes to this authenticiy. Fall into a dark, Vancouver dreamland with the music of Old Man Canyon.

Session Tracklist
1. In My Head
2. It Just Comes and Goes
3. Wiser
4. Sugar City
5. Always Love
6. Phantoms and Friends
7. Back to the Start

Vancouver, British Columbia

Band Members
Jett Pace – Vocals and Guitar
Alex Dobson – Bass
Mark Kerrey – Drums
Julien Amar – Keys

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For our friends that live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.


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