Nothing is a heavy shoegaze band from Philadelphia, PA who write trudging, dense songs with elements of hardcore. They bury soft, atonal vocals beneath waves of virulent noise. Dialing amps to their sonic limit, the band performs as loud as possible. Their shows are all-encompassing, pushing what listeners can handle to pull out undefinable sounds from a state of sensory deprivation.

“Guilty of Everything” is a dark, sorrowful, and exhausting record. Full of content about regret, it slogs along with amp stacked guitar chugging and hauntingly beautiful vocals. Nothing is an undeniable force in rock, their laissez-faire performing style syncing perfectly with themes on their debut.

Session Tracklist
1. Bent Nail
2. Dig
3. Somersault
4. B + E

Philadelphia, PA

Band Members

Nicky Palermo – Guitar and Vocals
Brandon Setta – Guitar and Vocals
Nick Bassett – Bass
Kyle Kimball – Drums

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