More often than not, a band’s sound is directly influenced by its surroundings. Be it the dark and ominous winter or the bright and enthusiastic summer, Northpilot’s music pays homage to its Midwestern stomping grounds, incorporating its dynamic sound into a live performance which one reviewer hails as “…being shot through a cannon into a brick wall of sound.“

In addition to landing weekend headlining shows at many Chicago venues, 2010 saw the band release its debut EP, The Bright Brigade, which continues to generate buzz by entertainment rags and blogs.  During the fall of 2010, nationwide Internet radio outlet Grooveshark reported over 16,000 plays from its debut effort.

It is with this cut-throat determination the band is setting itself up for an exciting 2012 and beyond. It plans to ride its momentum to the next level and cordially invites you to join its Bright Brigade.

Session Tracklist
1. 1000 Lives
2. Second Worst Day
3. Pelican Room
4. Naked Before My Captors
5. Ochre Written Flint
6. Radio Lawyers
7. Eagle Bop
8. Lego

Chicago, IL

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