Night Beds


Night Beds began as the musical outlet for singer-songwriter Winston Yellen. His debut album, “Country Sleep,” was positively received by critics, lauded for its “tortured take on alt country and Yellen’s soaring vocals.” A year of touring on the record, experimentation with drugs, and a night in Nashville hearing Yeezus led to a significant change. “All the emotions that I had kept inside came flooding out,” says Yellen. “Being a white nerdy kid from Colorado Springs, I was attracted to that sound. I was tired of being a sad sack like Elliott Smith or Ryan Adams. I wanted to be physical. I wanted to make music that was physical.” The experience led Yellen to recruit 25+ musicians for the creation of “Ivywild.”

The 2015 release is a dreary, confessional, and introspective R&B record that details some of Yellen’s darkest times. The songs are decidedly different than what Yellen has been previously known for, and he credits its allure to his younger brother, Abe. He values his sibling’s contribution so highly that Abe’s credit for the release actually appears above his own. The duo has a clear, strong connection, with Abe as the driving musical force.

Watch them perform tracks from the release on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Me, Liquor & God
2. Tide Teeth
3. Eve A.
4. Moon Sugar
5. Love Streams

Band Members

Winston Yellen – Vocals
Abe Yellen – Vocals and Laptop

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