NeW bEAt FUNd are a groovy, surf-and-sunshine influenced pop band who funnel punk, reggae, hip hop, and rock into a distinct style they’ve dubbed, “G Punk”. Their dress is eclectic and loud, showing a strong preference for bright neon and lavish, clashing patterns. They wear sunglasses on stage to recreate the sunny, carefree environment their music evokes. It’s a fun-loving style that comes from an honest place, done 100% by NeW bEAt FUNd themselves.

They’re an optimistic, joyful band who frankly just love performance. This love is apparent the instant they step foot on stage. Lead singer Jeff Laliberte has been known to flail around on the ground, jump off amplifiers, and swing his arms wildly. His brother Paul grooves incessantly on bass, while guitarist Shelby Archer rips simple solos and drummer Michael Johnson locks in the swinging percussion. Together they form a group of technically proficient players whose otherwise simple song structures often resolve in unpredictable chords.

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Session Tracklist
1. Any Day
2. Halloween Birthdaze
3. It's Cool
4. Bako Dozo
5. Scare Me
6. Sikka Takin' the Hard Way

Los Angeles, CA

Band Members
Shelby Archer – Guitar
Michael Johnson – Drums
Paul Laliberte – Bass
Jeff Laliberte – Vocals and Guitar

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