Milano is Jon Guerra (piano, guitar, vocals), Valerie Guerra (violin, vocals), Valerie Guerra (violin, vocals, synth), Steve Enison (guitar, vocals), Justin Ferwerda (bass), Hans Moscicki (drums), Alissa Stratta (piano, accordion, vocals, synth).

Milano’s sound is both mature and distinct. Blending piano, violin, accordion, and four vocalists into the quintessential rock band recipe, The Chicago band toes the line between calculated drama and happenstance festival. Milano’s “gypsy rock” sound interweaves instrumental arrangements, call-and-response harmonies, soaring lead vocals and a heavy rhythm section that goes beyond the typical 4/4, 3/4 rock formula, yet a prominent unifier pierces through the avant garde elements of Guerra’s voice. His vibrato, range, and tone gives Milano its haunting sound.

Session Tracklisting
1. Come On, Come On
2. A Day Is Gonna Come
3. So What?!
4. Saturnalia
5. You Are The Blood
6. Saucer In The Sky
7. Gloria
8. Festival

Chicago, IL

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