Michael Rault

Michael Rault is a singer-songwriter whose influences lie mainly in the past. He’s a studio rat obsessed with the sounds of vintage gear, and has a specific preference for the 70’s, which he credits as having the holy grail of textures. Rault recently moved to Montreal after leaving his long-time residence in Toronto, but quickly found a transition home to lock himself in the darkness and churn out tracks. The studio is his avenue for experimentation and unlimited creativity, where he uses any instrument or tone he can reach to define “that sound.”

His 2015 release, “Living Daylight,” is the result of such experimentation. True to his retro obsession, the record’s rock baseline is brightened by bongos, fuzzed-out vocoder, and spindly keyboard sounds. It’s a lyrically playful, woozy, and satisfying listen all the way through. Rault is a driven songwriter whose live performance chops and love for the studio promise he’ll continue to travel in his own lane for years to come.

Watch him perform with a full band here on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Real Love (Yeah)
2. Nothing Means Nothing
3. Too All My Friends
4. Still Now Sad
5. Suckcess

Toronto, Canada

Band Members
Michael Rault ­- Guitar and Vocals
Matthew Aldred ­- Guitar and Vocals
Evan Uschenko ­- Bass and Vocals
Ily Barnes ­- Drums

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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