Mayday Parade

Seven years and four albums have elevated Mayday Parade to the top of the pop-punk game. Poster children of the scene since the mid-2000’s, these Floridian rockers have found a stable role as media sweethearts. Vocalist Derek Sanders’ longing, high tenor directs the band’s guitar driven sound. They have grown a dedicated global following through their mixture of sugary, love-struck songwriting and soft piano ballads.

Mayday Parade’s excitable presence is evidenced by their command of the stage. Their crisp, anthemic pop-rock has become fully realized in the wake of their newest release, Monsters in the Closet. Mayday Parade haven’t strayed from what they do best, but have refined the image and sound they helped pioneer.

Session Tracklist
1. Ghosts
2. Girls
3. Jersey
4. 12 Through 15
5. Oh Well, Oh Well

Tallahassee, FL

Band Members

Derek Sanders – Vocals
Alex Garcia – Guitar
Brooks Betts – Guitar
Jeremy Lenzo – Bass
Jake Bundrick – Drums

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