Mal Blum

Mal Blum has been making confessional indie pop rock under their name since 2007. They used to play a slightly more folk punk/acoustic leaning style that morphed into a full band around 5 years ago. The quartet puts dynamic oomph and sonic depth behind Blum's lyrical songwriting; accenting the details with gritty textures. During the discussion portion Mal and the band spoke on hobbies, boundaries and the development of songwriting. Check out the rad performance by Mal Blum live at Audiotree.

1. See Me
2. I Don't Want To
3. Well, Fuck
4. Salt Flats
5. Did You Get What You Wanted
6. Odds

Band Members
Audrey Zee Whitesides - Guitar
Barret Lindgren - Bass
Mal Blum - Vocals and Guitar
Anne Dole - Drums

Philadelphia, PA

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