Jacob Bullard

Michigan wanderer, Jacob was pulled from the cold water of Grand Traverse Bay and set to run an eye-wide-life. Jacob was raised in the crow-calling, long grass, orchard crested hills of Northern Michigan. Traverse City, justsoutheast of the abiding Leelanau County, Empire, Glen Arbor – Jacob carries those places with him.

Jacob carried those places south in 2007 to Hope College in Holland, MI and after four years, he ended that chapter of his life, leaving Hope College in May 2011 with a B.A. in English, a lot of books he shamelessly never read, and a long string of memories he hopes not to forget. Only most importantly – he left with meaningful relationships: those he lived so closely with, those he learned and worked with so closely, those who so much, believed in his artistic and spiritual and relational development.

Among such people: he met Josh Banner (Ordinary Neighbors), humble leader and consummate encourager, musician and art activist; Josh Wunderlich, four-year-roomie, concert promoter, believer, and listener; Chris Cox, close looking, ever fervent friend and photographer; and because of them he has been able to develop his music and relationships with others like Photographers, Breathe Owl Breathe, The Welcome Wagon, Paper Route, and the Soil & the Sun.

Session Tracklist
1. Leah
2. The Loveland
3. Last Summer Prayer
4. What You Have Seen
5. Orchard Hills
6. Visiting Kings
7. Future Glory


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