Itch is a British emcee with a punk attitude. His modern synthesis of rock, electronica, and rap is fronted by a quick-paced vocal delivery and experiential, rebellious content. Itch has played stadiums and sold out festivals all over the UK and is slowly rising to fame in the US. Incorporating Adam Lazzara of TBS to sing the chorus of their breakout hit, “Homeless Romantic” has helped catapult Itch into mainstream spotlight.

Itch’s preference for “eternal” truths over washy messages has put his hook-driven rap rock in the ears of fans across genres. Watch them play a few tracks from their new record, “The Deep End.”

Session Tracklisting
1. Ricochet
2. Homeless Romantic
3. Life is Poetry
4. Not My Revolution
5. The Bottom of the Glass

United Kingdom

Band Members
Itch – Vocals and Lyrics
Scott – Guitar and Keys
Alejandro – Aux Percussion and Vocals
Aaron – Drum

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.