Hey Rosetta!

Hey Rosetta! is the brainchild of songwriter Tim Baker. Together with his six-piece band, Baker creates densely textured indie music that maintains respect for open space. Multi-instrumentalists abound in Hey Rosetta!, allowing them to traverse a broad range of sonic landscape. Violin, French Horn, Keyboards and aux percussion all play a role in Hey Rosetta!’s dynamic song structures. Birthed in the far reaches of Northeastern Canada, the band carries a bit of sparseness with them. They began as a traditional rock four piece, and began to add members as their needs dictated.

Second Sight, the band’s first record in four years, borders on experimental pop. Mystical track titles and art help convey the record’s spiritual side. Watch the band perform tracks from their stellar release.

Session Tracklist
1. Soft Offering (for the Oft Suffering)
2. Gold Teeth
3. Kintsukuroi
4. What Arrows
5. Harriet

Band Members
Tim Baker – Lead Vocals, Keys, and Guitar
Romesh Thavanathan – Cello, Keys, Guitar, and Vocals
Adam Hogan – Guitar and Vocals
Josh Ward – Bass, Synth, and Vocals
Kinley Dowling – Violin, Keys, and Vocals
Mara Pellerin – French Horn, Trumpet, Keys, and Vocals
Phil Maloney – Drums and Vocals

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