Foxing (Session #2)



Foxing is an indie band whose mature slow-burner “Dealer” reflects a conscious, experimental step forward. It’s a sonically adventurous release and stands in stark contrast to the style of “The Albatross,” their debut, which became a flagship for the so-called “emo-revival.” Foxing focused this time on ambient, nebulous instrumental work that’s chock full of effected noise. Loose, ambling song structures supported by a gargantuan bottom end form the perfect channel for the album’s intimate, despondent lyrical themes. “Dealer” dissects the narrator’s darkest times, allowing listeners insight into the kind of experiences that can lay undisclosed for years. Watch the performance here on Audiotree Live and witness a band putting the final touches on the formation of their unique identity in a vast musical landscape.

Session Tracklist
1. The Magdalene
2. Redwoods
3. Glass Coughs
4. Three On A Match
5. Night Channels
6. Indica

Band Members
Conor Murphy – Vocals and Sampler
Eric Hudson – Guitar and Vocals
Ricky Sampson – Guitar and Vocals
Josh Coll – Bass and Synth
Jon Hellwig – Drums
Emma Tiemann – Violin and Keys

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.