Exotic Animal Petting Zoo

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo is an experimental/prog/rock band from Crown Point, Indiana that was formed in 2004 by brothers Brandon and Stephen Carr. Their initial sound combines the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, and Sigur Rós. They recorded a 5 song EP of different musical styles and songs of music in search of a bass player able to play them all. Scott Certa was recruited for bassist in 05’ and played local shows around the region. It wasn’t until the spring of 06’ when the band recorded their first 4 song EP which got them opening up for national acts such as Kaddisfly(SubCity), As Blood Runs Black (Mediaskare) and Brazil (Immortal). With the growing number of online music communites, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo were quickly turning heads all over the country, eventually capturing the attention of Mediaskare Records, which later signed them to their label.

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo recorded their first full length debut record entitled “I Have Made My Bed In Darkness” released in August 2008 and has gained huge attention immediately creating a universal sound appealing to most everyone, but still in genres including mathcore/ambient/progrock because of their technical riffs, downtempo songs and time signature changes. In October 2008 the band was invited by Fear Before the March of Flames (now Fear Before) to do a fall tour entitled Dudestorm Part Deux: featuring Fear Before, I Am The Ocean, and Dameira. New guitar player, Steve Radakovich joined the band on this tour giving the band a new and inventive element to their sound.

Session Tracklist
1. Curse Of The Sands
2. Hairdresser
3. Pharmakokinetic
4. Apis Bull
5. Thorough. Modern.
6. The Great Explainer
7. Kaspar Hauser Could See The Stars In The Daytime
8. Whores of Babel

Crown Point, Indiana

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