Divino Niño

Divino Niño is a playful, eclectic indie band who incorporate Central American influences to their trippy 60's psychedelia. The super chill group performs well-composed, charming singalongs full of serene textures and swaying rhythms. During the discussion portion the band shared their thoughts on Chicago as a central music hub, their songwriting process, and creating riddles to pass time on tour. Check out the laid back performance by Divino Nino live on Audiotree.

1. Quiero
2. Foam
3. B@d Luck
4. Coca Cola
5. Maria

Band Members
Camilo Medina - Vocals and Guitar
Javier Forero - Bass and Vocals
Guillermo Rodriguez Torres - Guitar and Vocals
Pierce Codina - Drums
Luke Otwell - Synth and Slide Guitar
Viv McConnell - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Chicago, IL

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