The Dig (Session #3)

Back for their third bout in the studio is the utterly compelling Brooklyn quartet, The Dig. Their mellow, thought-provoking sound is fueled by careful placement of precise instrumentation. Thumping bass, versatile twinkling guitar sounds, and chamber-like keys lay a solid foundation, allowing for sonic experimentation with pedals and amp fuzz. Singers Emile and Davids’s long-time collaborative friendship is evident in the effortless display of their angelic vocal harmonies.

Most of their newest release, “You and I”, was written last winter in Emile and David’s basement; the EP’s cohesive sound is evidence of their collective writing process. They proudly displayed their songwriting prowess while playing new tracks, and a studio favorite, “Sick Sad Morning.” The ambient, ethereal sound they emit can be qualified, but its flourishing progression is why The Dig is not to be missed.

Session Tracklist
1. Over You Again
2. You and I Lost Control
3. So Alone (Session Purchase Exclusive)
4. Angeline
5. Sick, Sad Morning

Band Members
David Baldwin – Guitar and Vocals
Emile Mosseri – Bass and Vocals
Erick Eiser – Keyboard and Guitar
Mark Demiglio – Drums

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

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