Darlingside is a classical indie rock band. The four men’s voices seamlessly intertwine to ring out as a single unit. The project began chorally and has slowly evolved into the full band it is today. They’re a string rock quartet whose intense instrumental training shines. By performing around a single microphone, Darlingside is able to achieve a retro-style of bluegrass solidarity. Stationed in a strong folk community, and supported by brilliant management has allowed the band to perform all across the US.

Session Tracklist
1. The God of Loss
2. The Woods
3. Whippoorwill
4. Open Door
5. Blow the House Down

Boston, MA

Band Members
Harris Paseltiner – Cello, Acoustic Guitar, and Vocals
Don Mitchell – Electric Guitar, Banjo, and Vocals
Auyon Mukharji – Violin, Mandolin, and Vocals
David Senft – Bass guitar, Kick drum, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

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For our friends who live in countries where Youtube is blocked, watch the full session on Vimeo.