Chris Staples

Chris Staples is an American songwriter/musician well-known as the principle songwriter and singer of angular rock group Twothirtyeight(1996-2002) and Discover America (2005-present). He has played in numerous NW bands including Telekinesis and J Tillman. He has released three solo albums Panama(2001), Burned and Blistered(2004), Badlands(2010), and American Soft(2012). Staples has toured Europe and the U.S. for over a decade.

He is currently touring in support of his new album “American Soft”. This release was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign that ran in the winter of 2011. American Soft has been greeted with warm reviews: “…blissful, melodic, well-crafted, acoustically-charged songs that coyly grab you.” -Amazon.

Session Tracklist
1. Walking With A Stranger
2. Grand Coulee Band
3. Domino Effect
4. Cincinatti
5. Where We Used To Be
6. Early Bird Tavern
7. Let Us Be Naked (Eef Barzelay)

Pensacola, FL

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