Chamberlin unveiled their five track covers EP, aptly titled Chamberlin Cabin Covers EP. Their latest effort finds the band adding their recognizably laid back flair to some of today’s most popular songs by: Passion Pit, Cults, Vampire Weekend, Kanye West/Bon Iver, Foster the People. Recorded this past summer in their cabin tucked away in Vermont, Chamberlin chose which songs to cover based on fan voting through their official website.

After releasing a cover of Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets” last winter as a bonus track to their debut Bitter Blood, the band noticed the glowing response from fans, and decided to “cabinize” (CA – bin – IZE (verb) – When Chamberlin takes a song with unique, modern elements and strips it down at their cabin, showing the strength of the song at its core. ) a few more of their favorite songs.

Session Tracklist
1. Turn Around
2. Paper Crown
3. Bitter Blood
4. Dust
5. Fools
6. Sixty Days


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