BUHU is an Austin, TX transplant from Wisconsin. They write psychedelic pop music with bits of 80’s rock flair. Frontman Jeremy Rogers is a gargantuan personality; he grins sneakily while barking through a microphone rife with vocal distortion. The band uses LSD riddled visual elements and chaotic, noisy chords to piece together their special brand of space rock. They’re a young band who nabs every opportunity to give back to fans through multi-day “residencies” that include intimate house venues, deejay sets, and club shows. BUHU’s most recent project is “4-track Cinemat, a visual EP that mirrors PHOX’s “Confetti”. Watch them perform these and other magical tracks both old and new.

Session Tracklist
2. Get Down
3. Daytona Beach
4. Youth is Breaking
5. My Baby Burns So Bright

Austin, Texas

Band Members
Jeremy Rogers – Guitar, Synths, and Vocals
Clellan Hyatt – Drums
Juan Pablo Mendez – Bass, Synths, and Programming
Hannah Cowger – (additional vocals on Daytona Beach)

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.