Jarle Bernhoft is a pedal-looping champion, emitting an orchestra of sounds steadily developed from clapping, whistling, singing and guitar playing. His performance is a rare sight; using his guitar body and own hands through effects pedals as percussion, he creates his own beats to riff and sing over.

Iconic in his home country of Norway, Bernhoft’s neo-soul has slowly graced the US over the last year. His breakout record “Solidarity Breaks” is pop done right. With delicious R & B tunes and nasty funk grooves, it sways seamlessly from soft ballad to rock tune. English might not be his first language, but “Solidarity Breaks” is written in his best tongue.

Session Tracklist
1. Wind You Up
2. So Many Faces
3. C'mon Talk
4. Don't Let Me Go
5. Esiwalk

Oslo, Norway

Band Members
Jarle Bernhoft – Guitar and Vocals

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