The Bears of Blue River

“Take a step back from the dark-lands, perk up to the love horn of the choo-choo and hop a wagon through the cornfields to a close encounter in Muncie, Indiana with The Bears of Blue River.

Find genuine folk sounds subtly diluted by urban residue. Across the plain, unrequited love songs sung from closets to the vivid attraction of opposites and more, accompanied by all the “not too precious” o…oh-ooh-oh’s and bah-bah-ba’s to keep listeners in the realm of the tender grazing primal prairie animal.

The Bears tango on the border of urban and bucolic so hum along with the beer, beards, long locks; smooth raspy harmonies…Jangle your heart and sing along with these Chicago transplants.”

– Jesse Jesster

Session Tracklist
1. Flamingo
2. Crayola
3. Mes- 44
4. Yellow Belly
5. The Joke
6. Blue Ribbon
7. Shoplifter

Chicago, IL

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