Baskery is a band of Swedish sisters who play punk music on traditional instruments. The sisters share vocal duties by taking turns on lead and syncing their unique timbres to belt out choruses. As a group they run the gamut of textures; soft singing, yelping, talk rock and even the occasional growl.

Often booked on tours leaning toward folk or country, Baskery is decidedly more aggressive. Their oft heavy rock sounds more gypsy punk than any country ballad. Recent release, “Little Wild Life” is a diverse group of bubbling songs about important stages seen through multiple perspectives. Their move to Nashville has helped give the band new life, putting the raging trio in the American eye.

Session Tracklisting
1. Throw a Bone
2. The Big Flo
3. Cat Flap
4. Nobody Nice
5. The Nono

Nashville, TN

Band Members

Greta Bondesson – Drums, Banjo, Vocals
Stella Bondesson – Bass, Vocals
Sunniva Bondesson – Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Vocals

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