Amy Helm

Amy Helm is the daughter of iconic songwriters Libby Titus and Levon Helm of the Band. After four records with folk mega-group Ollabelle and nearly a decade as a vocalist for the Levon Helm Band, Amy Helm struck out on her own. The project, named after herself, is the culmination of her extensive training as a supporting vocalist and desire to show the world what she has to offer as a lead.

Helm is the product of a lifetime of musical influences; her own family is her inspiration and her connections with those along the way have built her into a stunning performer. With the help of cohorts and members from past projects, Helm writes soulful country rock with a balladic sound blooming from the roots music she has surrounded herself with. Her debut album is entitled “Didn’t It Rain,” and its twelve tracks are full of personal sing-alongs that range in style from country to rock to Americana.

Session Tracklist
1. Rescue Me
2. Didn't it Rain
3. Sky's Falling
4. Sing to Me

Woodstock, New York

Band Members
Amy Helm – Lead Vocals and Mandolin
Dan Littleton – Guitar and Vocals
Byron Isaacs – Bass and Vocals
David Berger – Drums

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