Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller is a bold alternative pop band. Frontman Dave Munro comes from a military background and approaches writing with a candid, dedicated fervor. Multi-instrumentalist co-author, Steve Scott, brings a composing background and diversity to the band’s eclectic sound. Collectively they write tunes with tight, powerful duets and dashes of electronic fuzz. The quintet’s explosive pop music has been featured in Ecko clothing stores, and licensed to the CW, USA, and NBC. Multiple titanic singles and powerful network backing shows a bright future for the growing band.

Session Tracklist
1. You Know Me
2. The House
3. What You Do To My Soul
4. Hurry Hurry
5. Warrior
6. Bad Axe, MI

Band Members

Dave Munro – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Casey Sullivan – Lead Vocals, Bass, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
Steve Scott – Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, Effects, Mandolin, Bass
Richie Munro – Drums
Jeremy Van Cleave – Violin, Percussion

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For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.