Adam Faucett & the Tall Grass

Adam Faucett is a musician from Little Rock, Arkansas. With his band, the Tall Grass, the bearded front-man grinds out trudging personal tales of life in the South Central US. Hailed as one of the foremost storytellers in the state of Arkansas, his wail drives into the very heart of the listener. Finger-style guitar licks are slow-churning but as aggressive and grizzled as the facial hair of the men themselves. Reaching into the souls and minds of blue collar workers in every field, his songwriting tells stories of their trial and error. “Blind Water Finds Blind Water” is a dark and arresting poetic record depicting life in this “Bastard Child” state of the North and Southeast United States.

Session Tracklist
1. Sparkman
2. Melanie
3. Edgar Cayce
4. Possum
5. Living on the Moon

Little Rock, Arkansas

Band Members
Adam Faucett – Guitar and Vocals
Jonny D – Bass and Vocals
Will Boyd – Drums and Vocals

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