Vans Warped Tour: Acoustic Basement (#2)

For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklisting
1. Front Porch Step - Aware
2. Front Porch Step - Drown
3. Brian Marquis - Breathing In Ghosts
4. Brian Marquis - Drink You Up
5. Hit the Lights - Stay Out
6. Hit the Lights - Talk Us Down
7. Transit - So Long, So Long
8. Transit - Over Your Head

The Acoustic Basement is an all-acoustic tour as well as a stage set up at the Warped Tour in the US and UK. On the stage, a group of promising punk bands stripped down to vocals and guitar perform tracks from their solo records. Showcasing their songwriting and more intimate side, singers swoon over rhythmic strumming.

Put on by Brian Marquis, the Tour has been operating since 2012 within indie/folk/punk while channeling the attitude of a suburban basement show. The tour has featured Geoff Rickley from Thursday, Koji, and Anthony Raneri of Bayside along with many others. The relaxing, quieting sound is a welcome break from constant noise of the tour, and a more intimate experience for die-hard fans.

Band Members:
Front Porch Step – Jake Mcelfresh
Brian Marquis
Hit the Lights – Nick Thompson
Transit – Joe Boynton, Tim Landers, Torre Cioffi, P.J. Jefferson, Daniel Frazier

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