Abandon Kansas

For the members of Abandon Kansas, their bright future as one of the Midwest’s most storied DIY indie-rock acts has them doing just about everything but deserting their roots. Seven years into their existence, the band has over 800 headlining tour dates and three releases on an upper echelon indie label under their belts. They’ve capitalized on the social media surge of the mid-late 2000s with fans by the numbers on every platform, and have graced the national Christian festival circuit across the board with headlining slots. From the outside, Abandon Kansas is the proverbial success-package that the music world at large seeks to achieve. From the inside, Abandon Kansas is a threshold of creativity with a gritty, relentless do-it-yourself mentality – allowing them to not only continue their forward motion, but to do it completely on their own.

Session Tracklist
1. Marching Around Me
2. Heaven Come My Way
3. Like It Or Not
4. You + Me + The Radio
5. Liar
6. The Chase

Witchita, KS

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