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Audiotree, Everywhere


We Are The Union

Audiotree Live

We Are the Union are a seminal ska punk band originally based in Ann Arbor, MI whose ska-influenced tunes are playful, energetic and fast-paced. During the discussion portion the band spoke on their involvement with Skatune Network, video games, 3D printer exploration and the amazing kickstarter campaign attached to 2018's "Self Care". Check out the super rad performance by We Are the Union live at Audiotree.

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Speedy Ortiz

Audiotree far Out

Speedy Ortiz is an indie rock quartet fronted by prolific poet, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sadie Dupuis. Dupuis uses the project as an outlet to share rad rock songs and advocate for inclusion in the indie rock landscape. The band has partnered with a variety of organizations that support those harmed or endangered by the current administration. Check out the awesome performance by Speedy Ortiz live at Quimby's Bookstore.





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