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Sea Cycles

Sea Cycles is an experimental indie band signed to Other People Records. Their early material was mainly ambient instrumental work but with the inclusion of vocalist/lyricist Colin Adkins the quartet leaned into a new sound.

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The Dodos

The Dodos are an alternative indie rock duo who have released 7 albums through Frenchkiss and Polyvinyl since 2006. Over this decade plus of performances, they've experimented with acoustic stomp n'holler, synth pop, and electric anthems.

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We Were Promised Jetpacks (#2)

We Were Promised Jetpacks (abbr. WWPJ) is an Indie Rock band who've been writing and performing together for over 15 years. The Scottish quartet has bounced around in the realms of heavy post rock, anthemic stadium rock, reflective ballads and laid-back indie tunes showcasing the dexterous musicianship at the core of their rich sound.

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