For our friends who live in countries where YouTube is blocked, watch the session on Vimeo.

Session Tracklist
1. Artificial Light
2. Young Fathers
3. Prosthetic Love
4. Possible Deaths
5. Hunger and Thirst

Typhoon is a massive folk rock band fronted by the dark and poetic lyricism of founder, Kyle Morton. His conscious and intimate lyrical style details struggles with relationships, family and the daily struggle of a chronic illness.

2011’s breakout single, The Honest Truth, exploded Typhoon into the spotlight of media outlets like Paste and NPR and sent them touring across the country. Their orchestral, choir-like approach to songwriting lets them balance the large-band sound with catchy singalongs. New release, White Lighter, follows the band’s progression into thematic songwriting by threading together the collection of tracks with common musical and lyrical elements. The eleven-piece band’s titanic live show is a performance not to be missed as they continue to grow in size and maturity with every release.

Band Members
Kyle Morton – lead vocals, guitar
Tyler Ferrin – horns, vocals
Pieter Hilton – drums, vocals
Dave Hall – guitar, vocals
Devin Gallagher – percussion, ukulele, vocals
Eric Stipe – trumpet, vocals
Ryan McAlpin – trumpet, vocals
Shannon Steele – violin, vocals
Jen Hufnagel – violin, vocals
Toby Tanabe – bass, vocals
Alex Fitch – drums, vocals

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