mewithoutYou has been an iconic presence in heavy indie rock for over a decade. They’ve released five albums to date, each one as surprising and dynamic as the next. Known for his intellectual lyrical style, vocalist Aaron Weiss pens visceral metaphors in his whimsical tales. mewithoutYou’s most recent project, “Pale Horses,” channels the heavy, grittier sound of their early releases. Songs like “Red Cow” and “Mexican War Streets” rumble along with an explosive tension reminiscent of 2004’s “Catch for Us the Foxes”.

Pale Horses showcases Weiss’s most interpersonal lyricism to date. He dabbles in well-recognized imagery involving fruit, fishes, historical figures, and human occupations but with a more autobiographical spin. The directed approach strengthens the album’s content. Rather than relying on the obscurity of metaphor, Weiss controls the listener’s experience by forcing them into his mind. The band themselves have followed his direction; choosing to amp up the grit but also resting in spacious, ethereal post-rock spots. Themes of aging are prevalent throughout and echoed by the band’s ability to dial up or down to fit each track’s individual story.

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Session Tracklist
1. Pale Horse / D-Minor
2. Blue Hen
3. Magic Lantern Days
4. Red Cow
5. Chapelcross Towns

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Band Members
Brandon Beaver – Guitar
Greg Jehanian – Bass
Rick Mazzotta – Drums
Aaron Weiss – Vocals
Mike Weiss – Guitar

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