Lemolo is the project of songwriter Meagan Grandall. She began writing and performing under the moniker in 2009 and has released two LP’s and a live DVD since its inception. Lemolo’s second LP is a personal journey through Grandall’s thoughts and memories. She incorporates references to her upbringing and experience throughout the record, filtering it through hazy, dreamlike guitar work and spritely, pinging keyboard tones. Grandall is an excellent sailor who finds solace on the open water and her music echoes the love of salty sea breeze, crashing waves, and open space. The title itself, “Red Right Return,” is a nautical reference encapsulating the themes of home, travel, and personal identity present throughout the record.

Lemolo has seen many incarnations throughout its career ranging from a 5-piece band to a solo performance. It’s all written, recorded, and produced by Grandall herself, whose specialized guitar work and dripping key tones make for a dense and delicately layered sound. Lemolo currently performs as a duo who switch between multiple instruments. By employing synths, loopers, and a large pedalboard, the duo is able to mimic a larger band and translate recorded tracks to the stage.

Watch the duo perform tracks from “Red Right Return” on Audiotree Live.

Session Tracklist
1. Hold Light
2. Casting Call
3. Fuel
4. Heart
5. Who Loves

Seattle, Washington

Band Members
Meagan Grandall – Guitar, Synth and Vocals
Adrian Centoni – Percussion

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