Music Videos

Outrun the Sunlight and Audiotree Productions are proud to present, "Red Bird," a music video about young love, directed by Cody Mathieson Packer. Read the exclusive interview with composer, Austin Peters, about the conception of the music video on Arctic Drones.

"Outrun the Sunlight have proven themselves to be a vital force in the metal community, and their mix of progressive and post metal have gained the attention of more and more listeners in recent years. Red Bird, their newest release, flies high above previous material for its natural and authentic sound- the music on the record is a reflection of their live performance, leaving behind backing tracks, layers, and any electronic aspects to their band. “Red Bird”, the title track from their album, is a perfect example of the musicianship they were aiming for this time around, centering on their skills rather than their weaknesses and playing with emotion at the forefront."

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