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June 20, 2013

Shakey Graves

Austin, Texas

Session Tracklisting
1 Roll The Bones
2 Built To Roam
3 Bully's Lament
4 Word Of Mouth
5 Late July

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Shakey Graves is the post-folk alter-ego of Austin, TX artist Alejandro Rose-Garcia. His southern, old-world sound is completed by frenzied finger-picking and a homemade portable suitcase drum kit. Between sensible balladic moments gnarly, unconstrained guitar tones wail and screech out his ragged guitar.

A master of storytelling, he focuses intently on the correct verbage to spin a tale. Drawing references from literature, folklore and his own life connects Shakey’s music to listeners across generations. A signature hat, wife-beater and proper boots is the uniform of choice for the incredible one man show: Shakey Graves.

Band Members:

Alejandro Rose-Garcia – Guitar, Drums, and Vocals