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  General Inquires

   For general questions, comments or information please email us at info@audiotree.tv

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   Please click here.  Our sales platform, Topspin, will get you sorted our right away!  (And sorry for the trouble.)

  Audiotree Live Submissions

   We accept bands of all sizes and genres, but simply don’t have the ability to book every one.

   Before sending us your submission, ask yourself the following:

   Has your band recorded at least one EP or LP? Has your band toured for at least one calendar year?

   Has your band played at least 50 shows? Does your band have a manager and/or booking agent?

   If you answered YES to all of these questions then submit links to your music, videos, or other live footage to music@audiotree.tv

   Send Physical Submissions to: Audiotree Live, 1644 N. Honore, Chicago, IL 60622

  Other Inquiries

   Business Inquiries – michael@audiotree.tv

   Booking Inquiries  lauren@audiotree.tv

   Press Contact – adam@audiotree.tv

   Audio / Copyright – chris@audiotree.tv

   Video / Production Inquiries   shan@audiotree.tv

   Merchandise Questions – blake@audiotree.tv

   Partnership Questions – nikki@audiotree.tv