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April 10, 2013

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Audiotree?

It’s not all fun and games … we promise! We’re looking for a couple of video interns to help us out with some of the work that goes into creating Audiotree’s live studio sessions. A resume and links to previous work is required, so look over the job descriptions if you’re interested, and then reply to info@audiotree.tv to find out more.


Position 1: Camera Intern

Experience with Canon DSLRs is a requirement.  We can provide support gear, but the ability to operate a shoulder mount is necessary. Editing experience preferred, but we can train if need be.


  • Assist with gear and lighting during in-studio live sessions.
  • Help wrap and organize gear at the end of sessions.
  • Assist with B-roll shooting and eventually serve as extra shooter for studio sessions, live concerts, and promotional videos.
  • Attend meetings during which you critique footage from recent sessions in order to make potential adjustments for future shoots.
  • Manage and organize online content.
  • Editing with Adobe Premiere is a part of what all of the camera operators who work at Audiotree do. However, we can quickly train you in the program – especially if you already have editing experience with other programs.


Position 2: Editing and Motion Graphics

A strong knowledge of Adobe Premiere and After Effects is essential, including motion graphics, text, special effects compositing, and color correction. Knowledge of Photoshop a plus.


  • Assert yourself as a creative post-director.
  • Organize and log footage.
  • Edit! Ranging from our 40 minute studio sessions to the shorter promotional and music videos we create outside of the studio, we’ll work behind you at first, but the idea is that eventually you can take charge of certain projects.
  • Work with our directors to create graphics and special effects for our promotional videos.


March 14, 2013

The sound echoing around the valley from the Memorial’s jam session at our place yesterday definitely made us the talk of the town. Kenneth, the Spicewood Beach Security guard, stopped by to see what all the ruckus was about.

Turns out he was in a band back in the day and was pretty excited to see what we were up to. (We still had to stop blasting the music, though.)

Thomas Pridgen from the Memorials

After every take, all of us kind of looked each other a bit speechless – the performances were pretty epic!

Vivica blew everyone away with her emotional performance

Vivica blew everyone away with her emotional performance

Evil Vince helped us build a kickass firepit later that night, completing a CRUCIAL part of Texas living.

Evil Vince

Evil Vince all aglow

Tomorrow we have a jam-packed day from noon to midnight at Papi Tino’s for our second showcase this year. We can’t wait!!

– The Audiotree Crew

March 12, 2013



Our Stubb’s showcase yesterday rocked!

White Mystery have been touring pretty much non-stop, but they never seem to lose energy.

We started the day off right when Wolf Triangle stopped by our place in Spicewood and played WAY TOO LOUD.


We set up Wolf Triangle in the hallway of our Austin home.

Just kidding; it was the perfect volume.

Then we headed over to Stubb’s and set up for our first showcase. In between ribs and mashed sweet potatoes, we heard from some of our favorite bands:

the Dig

Ashley and Alex from the Soil & the Sun being super adorbs in between songs.

Ashley and Alex from the Soil & the Sun being super adorbs.

And then Ashley being super adorbs all on her own.

And then Ashley being super adorbs all on her own.


K.flay never stands still!

K.flay never stands still!

The Tontons

We have the Soil & the Sun here at our place this morning. Everyone’s making breakfast, and then we’re filming a few songs outside with the Memorials.

We're setting up for the Memorial so they can rock this valley.

We’re setting up for the Memorials so they can rock this valley.

It’s going to be a beautiful day here in Spicewood!

– The Audiotree Crew




March 11, 2013

Red Hot Mama

This afternoon we headed out to Jazz Mills of Cowboy and Indian‘s bright and airy Austin home. She had been planning a BBQ for friends and invited us to come by to hang out and record a couple of tunes.

Lauren McClusky snapped this trippy pic of Jazz and her pal Will, who accompanied her on guitar.

Lauren McClusky snapped this trippy pic of Jazz and her pal Will, who accompanied her on guitar.

Jazz has some really sweet friends who made us feel very welcome – and the smell of cornbread fresh out of the oven didn’t hurt, either.

After taking a minute or two to lounge on the grass in her sunny backyard, we headed just past their fence into the alleyway to take advantage of its stark look and faraway vanishing point. Friends grouped around and watched the performance.

The cheering section

Adam rocked the slate before each take: HECK YEAH.


A couple of Jazz’s friends, Ali Holder and Elijah Ford, performed as well, creating that classic Austin charm that makes us love it here so much. All you need is a warm breeze, a cold brew, and some chill music with friends.

Sometimes you just gotta hang sideways.

Sometimes you just gotta hang sideways.

Oh yeah and here’s a baby for you:

Danny from Leopold and His Fiction hanging with little Eva. He'll be at our place in Spicewood on Wednesday for some recording.

Danny from Leopold and His Fiction hanging with little Eva. He’ll be at our place in Spicewood on Wednesday for some recording.


Thanks to Jazz for hosting a sweet afternoon! Today before our STUBB’S SHOWCASE we’re recording Austin band Wolf Triangle. Have a beautiful morning!

– The Audiotree Crew


March 10, 2013

Texas, y’all!

This sign we found in Matt from The Eastern Sea‘s house pretty much says it all:

Today we drove into Austin to meet up with some members of The Eastern Sky to film a couple of stripped-down tunes at lead singer Matt Hines’ place. Their full band sound is pretty epic, so it was really sweet to hear the bare bones of these songs in such an intimate setting. We filmed one song acoustically in their backyard:

Patrick rockin' the boom pole, Bryan rockin' the Glidecam

Patrick rockin’ the boom pole, Bryan rockin’ the Glidecam

And then we headed back indoors where they performed the song that earned them a space on NPR’s The Austin 100 mix: “The Match.” It was gorgeous. So was Marfa the dog, who is named after the Texas town apparently known for two things: innovative art and mysterious lights.

Tomorrow we’ll be paying a visit to Jazz Mills of Cowboy and Indian as she hosts a good old fashioned Texas BBQ and plays a few acoustic tunes for us.

Texas, y’all!


– The Audiotree Crew

March 9, 2013

SPICEWOOD, TX (pop. 7,666)

Hey y’all, we’re here!

The Audiotree crew headed down to Austin a couple of days ago to get a jump start on the SXSW festivities.

Our Sprinter Bjork is a hell of a lady.















Bjork, our trusty Sprinter, rolled into the yard of our house in Spicewood, Texas, the other night and we’re all settled in about 30 minutes away from downtown Austin. Spicewood is home to one post office, one library, one general store, and a heckuva lot of BBQ joints.  We’re loving being surrounded by so much nature – except that one extremely curious fox. Who does he think he’s looking at, anyway?

Grilling and throwing darts aren’t the only things we’ll be doing, though: we plan on spending the free time between our three showcases out and about filming a lot of really great bands in the Austin area. A lot of them will be stopping by our place here in Spicewood, so we’ll make them welcome.



Check back here for more updates and videos from our Austin adventures this week!

– The Audiotree Crew