About Audiotree

The Company

Audiotree is a Chicago-based, artist-centric music company, best known for our in-studio concert series, Audiotree Live. We also provide artist management, concert promotion, concert filming/recording, and various “à la carte” music industry services. We love music, and want to use that love to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible. We believe in making genuine connections and forming organic relationships with the people we meet along our journey.

The Sessions

We believe in presenting artists exactly as they perform.  The audio you hear on every Audiotree Live session is the live mix- no post production, no tuning, no time aligning, no cheating.  If a band sounds great, it’s because they played great.  The sessions feel like you are in the faces of the musicians because that’s where our videographers are. The bands are the best, because we hand pick them.  We aim to create the most intimate, high-quality live performance videos available, for you to enjoy.

The People

The people behind Audiotree come from all over the music industry.  Artist managers, recording engineers, producers, business managers, concert photographers and videographers, promoters, tour managers, overall music junkies…  We believe it is essential in the new music industry to cast a wide net.  By placing an importance on creating a music community, and having a large collective skill set, no opportunity to help great music enter the world will be missed.

Foundations of Music

We are proud supporters of this amazing charity.  Foundations of Music “provides music education to underserved children in Chicago, sparking creativity and passion, teaching critical thinking, supporting academic achievement and enriching young lives.”  Having all grown up with music programs in our schools as kids, we consider music an integral part of education.  The benefits of music education are too many and too great to list.  Please take a moment to check Foundations of Music out.